Welcome to the Bud Vase Company.

Swan VaseI would like to take a minute to tell you how my business came about. I am a 45 year old housewife with 2 young children aged 10 and 12 I have been married for 16 years and like most middle aged (ish) couples, my husband and I discussed what our wishes would be in the events our deaths.

Typically of my husband he wants minimum fuss and more importantly minimum cost!

We both agreed we would prefer cremation, as so many people do these days. We would like our ashes scattered at a place special to us both.

However we both felt saddened to think our boys would have no graveside to visit and no way of marking those special anniversaries.

I thought back to when my own Mum died. Anyone with a terminally ill relative knows just what a very difficult time it is. I visited daily and every few days I bought a single red rose, which she kept in a bud vase on the table beside her.

In the 9 years since she died the family have taken lovely floral tributes to the graveside.

On one occasion the graveside vases were full with family flowers, so I bought 2 lovely potted plants, which stood either side of the headstone.By the following week my plants had been stolen.

On a couple of occasions over recent years I have been unable to attend the grave on my Mum’s Birthday and have ended up feeling really guilty about it.

I wished there was a more personal way of remembering my Mum.

The single rose was really poignant to me and I thought how lovely it would be if I had a photo of my Mum with a bud vase and I could remember her at home with a rose or flower from the garden on those special anniversaries.

My search began for a memorial bud vase and when I couldn’t find one anywhere, I decided to design my own!

You may prefer to remember your loved one by lighting a candle and placing it in the vase. (Please remember never to leave lit candles unattended).

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